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Proudly Canadian, Marylebone is far more than a Cafe + Creamery. It is a community of people on a journey to experience life more fully and Spread Happiness.... Our focus is to serve real and natural food products making you feel great about eating. We are terribly serious about offering only the most brilliant, sustainable organic coffees and tea in Canada. We love coffee and tea and our ingredients are mostly organic and natural.

Our ice cream makers are part of the Agropur Dairy Cooperative family and maintain a century old tradition of using quality ingredients, beginning with 100% Canadian milk, giving ice cream lovers an entirely original and contemporary ice cream experience.

In the end, it is all about people. The relationship we have with the local suppliers, customers and coworkers make it worth it. 

Inviting our customers who quickly become friends to try our coffee, hangout in our cafe and laugh with our baristas is what brings us the greatest joy. It is our new beginning, we know there is always room to learn and improve, and we would like to invite you to learn with us, to grow with us, and to experience the joy that comes from a great cup of coffee with us.

The name "Marylebone" is inspired by a childhood memory of the company's founders, aiming to be the first in line to purchase Marylebone Station on the British Monopoly. The pronunciation of Marylebone is not what you read. You have to silence the alphabet "y" to meet the correct British pronunciation of "Mar-le-bun" 

Our Motto: "Spread Happiness"

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